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Hi, I'm Amber.  

I am a passionate experience researcher from the beautiful town of Gainesville, Florida. I use human-centered research to create great user experiences.


Web Based Bidding

Paving a smooth transition from locally installed software to an entirely web-based solution.

*Contact me for login credentials

My Role

Project Lead / UX Researcher

Main Goal

Incorporate functionality of locally installed software into an existing web application for a seamless bidding experience

Road Constuction
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Construction Personalization

Creating a more personalized experience for bidding web app users.

*Contact me for login credentials

My Role

Lead UX Researcher 

Main Goal

Understand the users of a construction bidding web app


Ordering Immunizations

Simplifying the unnecessarily complex process of ordering vaccines to allow health providers to spend more time caring for their patients.

My Role

Lead UX Researcher & Interaction Designer

Main Goal

Simplify the complex process of ordering vaccines

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